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Scrap Metal Collection Egham

Welcome to our premier scrap metal purchasing service nestled in the vibrant town of Egham, Surrey. At 5 Star Rubbish Removals, we proudly serve as the local hub for all your scrap metal needs in Egham. Whether you're a business aiming to responsibly dispose of surplus materials or an individual looking to convert scrap into cash, our dedicated team is at your service, offering top-notch assistance, competitive pricing, and the utmost convenience.

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Exchange your copper materials for cash with our hassle-free service.

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Get rewarded for your brass materials with our convenient metal purchasing.

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Convert lead items into extra income through our lead material purchasing.

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Household Cable

Benefit from your old household cables by selling them to us

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Armored Cable

Exchange armored cables for money with our reliable metal purchasing.

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Copper Tanks

Turn your copper tanks into cash through our straightforward buying process.

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Dispose of batteries responsibly and gain value through our battery purchasing.


What types of scrap metal do you accept in Egham?

How do I schedule a scrap metal pickup in Egham?

Is there a fee for your scrap metal pickup service in Egham?

Can individuals sell scrap metal to your service in Egham?

What sets your scrap metal services apart in Egham?

Do I need to sort my scrap metal before your team arrives in Egham?

How quickly can I expect my scrap metal to be processed and paid for in Egham?

Can I drop off my scrap metal at your location in Egham?

Are there any items you do not accept as scrap metal in Egham?

How can I contact 5 Star Rubbish Removals for more information in Egham?